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Digital Workflow to fit a Crown under a Partial Denture

Fitting a crown to an existing partial denture can be challenging.  The following demonstrates digital and hybrid workflows that allow for a seamless product that fits well.

  1. Take a scan of the upper, lower and bite without the denture in and before you prep the tooth. Send the scan.

    Scan the upper, lower and bite with the crown prep, no partial. Send the scan

  2. Seat the partial denture over the prepped tooth and scan the upper, lower and bite and send the scan

  3. If your scanner can scan the antaglio (tissue side) of the partial denture, start a new case and scan entire partial denture taking care to scan the inside of the denture that would fit on the crown prep and send that. To allow the scanner to pick up the partial denture better, rub a light layer of white toothpaste over the partial denture to dullen the surface as this gathers data well or use scan spray. To summarize:We need these scans for the best crown fit to partial in a fully digital workflow.

    Additional info:

    5. If the scanner is unable to gather that data successfully use blue bite to gather the partial info as it seats on the prep. Once the prep is done, spread blue bite on the prep, seat the partial denture fully over the prep, ensure the partial is seated fully around the arch and let set.  Send that to the lab. Please make a note in the portal submission that a PVS impression needs to be picked up and is coming with the case.

    – OR –

    A triple tray can also be used, instead of the blue bite impression.  Place light body PVS on the prep.  Seat the partial denture fully, ensure it seats around the arch.  Place medium or heavy body in the triple tray and take impression.  Let set.  Remove the partial denture.  Send triple tray to the lab.  Please make a note in the portal submission that a PVS impression needs to be picked up.

    Any questions contact the lab or email [email protected]

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