Schack Dental provides authentic parts, various systems and a range of options to suit your dental implant needs. Our experienced dental technicians can assist you in choosing the right option for you to ensure optimal results and comfort.

Screw-Retained Crown-Bridge

Screw-retained crown-bridge implants create a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish. Screw-retained restorations are an ideal choice as they have more predictable retrievability. They are easier to remove during hygiene maintenance, repairs or surgical interventions and require a minimal amount of interocclusal space. With the introduction of angulated screw channel solutions, screw-retained restorations are available for a wide range of indications.

Cemented Implant Crown-Bridge

A cemented Implant crown-bridge is recommended when the placement of the screw access hole is not ideal. Cemented Implant crown-bridges offer realistic depths and appropriate retention for the crown.

We are happy to work with a number of implant system including Biomet 3I, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra Tech Atlantis, Zimmer, Biohorizons. However, we specialize in creating implant restorations with Astra Tech Atlantis and Straumann.

Astra Tech Atlantis provides innovative and efficient digital workflow, while Straumann implant system is a global market leader in dental implants which offers reliability and longevity.

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