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Create a More Youthful Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Q. What are veneers?

A. Veneers are dental restorations that primarily cover the facial aspect (front) of the tooth. They are mostly used in aesthetic cases to keep as much of the existing tooth structure.

Q. What are the benefits of veneers?

Veneers can:

  • change your appearance without overly removing healthy teeth.
  • bring teeth in line, making them appear straighter.
  • lengthen your teeth to give a more natural and youthful smile. This is beneficial for people who have worn their teeth down over time.
  • close black triangle spaces between teeth that are caused by gum recession.
  • close gaps including diastemas.

Note that many of these cases will have better outcomes after a successful orthodontic treatment.


Veneers on a working model (after vs. before).

Q. How can veneers straighten your teeth?

A. They can change the appearance by taking some of tooth structure off and create a more aligned appearance by changing length and width.

A 3D printed mock up of veneers to show our patient what the final outcome can look like.

Q. What are veneers made out of?

A. Lithium Disilicate (Emax). They can be layered with porcelain to create an even more natural translucency, including mamelons and halo effect.

Six veneers on one happy patient.

Q. Can you do Same Day Veneers?

A. Yes, monolithic veneers can be done in a day with proper planning. See our same day crown blog post for a detailed description of how we do same day crowns.

If you’ve been thinking of veneers to enhance your appearance, but you are worried about the process, talk to your dentist and contact us.

We love to take the time to sit down with patients and create digital as well as physical mock-ups to help you understand what the final result can look like.

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